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Sexy time and you!

Whether you’re looking for monogamy, polyamory, a hook up, some group fun or solo sex… the buildup, the duration and even the finish can be exhilarating!

So isn’t it better to keep exploring when you’re happy with your sexual health, when you know your sexual health status, and you’re sexual wellbeing is on top form? We think sexual health should be up there (in terms of how important people think it is) with mental or psychological health and physical health. Regardless of whether your sexual health screenings are weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly… are you ON IT? Can we move past it being something only some of us do and get to taking care of our sexual health being something every one of us does? Did you know that sexual health services provide more than just screenings? They offer advice and information on things such as PReP, contraception, referrals to other services and can be a great place to talk through stuff about getting the right support.

Take a look at this intro from one of the local providers from Salford NHS:

Knowing and maintaining your sexual health wellbeing is beneficial to you as well as others… follow this link to locate your local sexual health service.

But it’s not just about the physical aspect of sexual health that is important, it’s also the type of sex you’re having. All the sex you have should be something you want to do, something you agree to do and something that you can withdraw from at any point if it’s no longer your thing. People shouldn’t feel ashamed about the sex they’re having, how their exploring their bodies and what they find pleasurable – everyone will be different but when you find someone or some people that are into the same thing, then WOW!

Exploring sex with another person or people; creating yours/their desires; meeting expectations; and the whole personal dynamics of sex can be intense (and hot as fuck), and using chems in sex can heighten and intensify that even more! So remember, define your boundaries and understand others before you start banging. Communicate what makes it a better buzz or turns you right off and remember, if you feel like you don’t wanna do this anymore, then you dont have to.

If you feel that sex has gone wrong, that you were in a situation where the sex you ended up involved with is not something you wanted, then drop our ISVA Team a line on 0161 236 2182 or email [email protected] and lets have a chat about what we can do to help you through that bit.